AMC Home, the site dedicated to the AmigaOS(tm)/AROS/MorphOS/Any Media Center

   AMC is the ultimate Media Center application for AROS, AmigaOS(tm) and MorphOS, with this tool you will be able to navigate and organize all your media: musics, videos and pictures will be at your fingers tips.

   With AMC it's easy to manage your picture albums, it's easy to manage your videos and it's easy to manage all your songs. The controls are optimized for remote controllers but you can easily change the key bindings. AMC integrates searching functions and removable mass-storage device autodetection, it's easy to browse your USB drives and copy its content in your computer.

   With AMC you have full control over the database where all your media informations are stored, you can change every single field of any media detected so you can organize freely your media using your own personal taste. In the database section you can handle in few steps your favorites and your playlists. You can even download information from TMDb (The Movie Database) to integrate the missing informations in your video database.

   AMC is fully skinnable, this means that every single graphic element can be changed, the user interface is organized in frame and each frame can be skinned the way you like, advanced users can even mix themes!

   AMC integrate a powerfull PlugIn system that allow PlugIn developers to expand, patch and add new functionalities to the program, there are no limits to expandibility!

   The AMC project is fast evolving and new PlugIn will comes soon, we are plenty of ideas for new stunning PlugIn, some already in development are:
  • Visual Browser
    With this PlugIn you will be able to navigate throughyour databases using available art.
  • EmuLauncher
    This PlugIn will allow you to starts your preferred emulator without losing preciuos time in installations and configuration
  • GameLauncher
    With the GameLauncher you will be able to download and play games, some old gems or new stuff: search, click & play!
  • AppBrowser
    The AppBrowser will let you buy and download applications for your current hardware, you will find free stuff as well, ready to use.

AMC for AROS is available NOW, a demonstration version is available in the download page and can be activated easily after you have purchased an activation code from

Documentation is available under download section, you can have the full Official AMC Guide or the QuickGuide kindly provided by Pascal Papara.

Please contact me if you need technical documentation about the PlugIn development or Theme development since this documents are not yet ready to a public release.