HGui Library

Author Fabio Falcucci
License Donationware
Version 1.0
Release S O O N !
Dependancies Helpers Lib
Tables Lib
G2D Lib
Text_Proc Lib
Note AVAILABLE SOON! If you find it useful please consider to support me on Patreon.

HGui is probably my biggest and most complex project developed on Hollywood and for Hollywood, it is the successor of ScuiLib, my very first try to make a GUI Tool Kit available for every system supported by Hollywood.

At this time HGui is not completely compatible with Android but I've already planned some nice features that will make HGui run also on Android devices avoiding all the unsupported features (like multiple displays) and replacing them with fake windows, something I was already using on the old ScuiLib.

HGui is not yet complete, but I'd say at 90%, it is really stable, easy to code and fast. It also features a complete skinning system to unleash your creativity or to mimic native OSes systems.

One of the most important features of HGui is that you don't need any code change to let it run on all Hollywood supported OSes (excluding the brief note above about Android devices).


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