Enable BD Playback

some of you may have ordered the indieGO! with an BD-drive, some of you may replace the original drive at a later point.

If you like to watch BD-movies, you need to add an commercial or an open-source solution.
The following script will install open source components to make BD-playback possible in KODI /XBMC.

VLC is only installed for some extra libs.. VLC itself doesn't make use of the Pi or ODROID GPU for playback... so it is not recommend to use it at all.
Better use KODI/XBMC (best solution) or MPlayer (second best solution) to play HD-content.

Please unzip the archive and execute it with
"sudo sh bd-script.sh"

The password for the odroid version is "odroid"
The password for the Pi version is "raspberry"

This script is also located on the indieGO!-OS image.
You can navigate to the extras menu at the bottom of the main menu. (scroll far down..)
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