How can I add own menu entries? Aspect Ratio?


How can I add own menu entries to the boot menu? Is it possible changing the aspect ratio, cause my tv cut off some borders.

Thanks for your help!


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    Yes it is possible but we need @Phoenixkonsole help to know the position where the config files have been stored.

    I've also seen your problem with EmuLa & TheGamesDB support.
    Unfortunatly TGDB is still very slow and EmuLa raises a timeout error, if you hit the CANCEL button EmuLa should ask you if you want to continue without the TGDB support, if you select this option your roms will be scanned and recognized but of course you will not have the game art & some additional informations.
    You can always use the Refetch option to get the game art at a later point.
    As soon as TGDB will be running again I will mirror all supported games so that users will be able to download art packs easily from my host.

    Some users have reported an error scanning very large rom sets, please let me know if you have this kind of error or any other problem :smile:
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    Hello and thanks for your help. Yes, I have the same problem with large Rom Sets - EmuLa reports an error too or freeze
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    Hi the main menu is not EmuLA related. It is called FSLauncher and you can find it in:

    The entries can be managed in the file menu.def

    The problem is that when i apply an update it would overwrite it.

    So to add own games or entries you can use Emualtionstation or we can provide a "user" submenu to the Main-menu.. this file "usermenu.def" would be excluded from being updated.

    See the menu.def which includes some "submenu" definitions (Example: Kickstarter Goodies). One of the submenus could be called "usermenu.def".

    If you like to have something added to the other "existing default menus" just tell us your wish.
  • @deaddisk
    About EmuLa : can you provide a screenshot with the reported error?
    So I can fix it in the next update :smile:
  • Hello allanon!

    Thanks for your help. I tried to post a screenshot fast.
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